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What is “Digital Greece” ?

An outstanding experience!

  • A startup fair hosting 150 innovative enterprises across the mot dynamic sectors of the national and regional economy
  • A showcase of 25 incubators and accelerators offering solutions to startups
  • A knowledge event, featuring influential speakers, policy makers, C-levels and aspiring entrepreneurs taking the stage to share progressive ideas about the new economy.
  • A marketplace of tech-based products services and solutions across sectoral value chains

Is that all?

No! Digital Greece is also featuring

The 4th Global Agripreneurs Summit, the biggest global event of its kind, for the first time in Greece exploring the future farmer 4.0 in a world increasingly defined by technological advancements that change the way we work and interact. International agri-food startups from across the globe showcasing technologies in agricultural production and food safety taking a perspective of what solutions are needed to feed a growing population without jeopardizing sustainability of resources.

The Innovation Hub curated by Found.ation, supported by the American Embassy in Greece building on the legacy of the last’s year TIF when USA was the honored country. Workshops, challenges, keynotes and panel discussions unveiling new prospects and business opportunities

“Education to Employment Pathways” Programme powered by ReGenaration the biggest and most innovative personal and professional development, and paid placement program aimed at talented graduates of all backgrounds, who are interested in taking their first professional steps and stand out in Greece.

See the full “Education to Employment Pathways” Programme here

The 100 mentors with a full activation under the general theme “Education for the 21st Century” bringing together professionals, researchers, students and policy makers with a common quest for a human-centric education, experiential, capable of embedding technological developments, and inspiring in making us asking the right questions in a world full of answers

Who is responsible for all these?

“Digital Greece” is a project of the Greek Ministry of Digital Governance, implemented in collaboration with TIF-Helexpo. Pavilion 12, is curated & co-ordinated by Industry Disruptors – Game Changers.