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Startups in Agro & Food Industry which will be part at Digital Greece 2019

Meet the Startups


Our mission is to produce a very distinctive pallet of tastes for our honey varieties in a unique packaging in order to inspire and extend the consumer experience.


CityCrop is a system with the usage of advanced technologies and data, automatically grows food and medicinal plants. We think of it as a beautiful mini fridge that stocks itself with high-quality nutritious food. Our aim is to enable everyone to grow high-quality, organic, pesticide-free, vegetables, and herbs, easy regardless of knowledge and experience. The user does not have to do much; CityCrop unit takes care of automatic nutrient dosing, ph balancing, temperature control, humidity control, and odor neutralization in such a way that a user with zero knowledge on growing plants to be able to do it successfully.


ProsPer is an environmentally conscious company produces powders from fish aquaculture by-products which can be used by food companies and catering businesses.
Fish aquaculture produces 1200 tones byproducts yearly that remain unexploited, thus increase the environmental and financial cost of the process or underused in low added value products. On the other hand, food sector is seeking new flavors, clean labels and natural ingredients for innovative dishes.
ProsPer utilizes this raw material that would be left unused and discarded and produces an innovative, of high nutritive value and unique flavor food product in accordance with the idea of sustainability, circular economy and high-tech know-how.


Our company produce, grow, and distribute, high quality and aesthetically formed miniature trees and plants, attractively packaged for the retail market.

Combining family knowledge with modern horticultural methods, innovated techniques and ideas, for our go to market product, we've used as a base a tree with global symbolism, the Greek Olive Tree, and we've created a unique Olive Plant attractively and fully Boxed.

Our wide range of plants & trees can be preserved and delivered safely, fast and with low cost, to all over the world directly from Greece.

With our technology and products, we aim to transform the retail plant sector, giving plants shelf life and opening new opportunities outside the traditional channels.


Ensure quality and authenticity in the supply chain using IoT and Blockchain technologies. Live digital identity for each package.


Inagros is a technological tool aiming to optimize the crop productivity, as well as the reduction in water fertilizer and energy consumption. This way we can improve the farmers’ quality of life and increase their annual profit. Agronomists are included in our plan; the consist the mastermind that will allow the farmer achieve the aforementioned goals.
The core of our integrated system is a device, which is installed in the agricultural areas of interest. High tech sensors are encapsulated into the device, generating the necessary data associated with various field characteristics (temperature, humidity etc). The data obtained are then transferred to our web platform, providing access to the farmer and agronomist alike. The platform tools implemented provide a variety of services, such as the detailed inspection of the field, a calendar where all actions are registered and the automation of irrigation system. Additionally, the setup of extreme condition limits for each crop types is

Natural Food Additives

NFA (Natural Food Additives) is an innovation driven start-up (B2B SME) specializing in extracting bioactive compounds from organically cultivated herbs while investigating the use of different crop by-products as new sources of raw materials. NFA extraction processes are designed to recover different fractions of extracts including antioxidants, water/oil soluble phenols, rosmarinic acid, flavonoids etc. Recovered extracts are further processed to produce natural additives that can be applied in a wide range of food/cosmetics products. NFA products are tailored to be fully compatible with the final application system (food/cosmetics) taking into account its physicochemical and structural properties. NFA production processes are designed to produce volatile-free natural additives enabling their use without altering flavor and aroma characteristics (sensory attributes) of the final product applications. NFA is also providing services on (i) R&D consulting and (ii) new product development

Peace by Peas

In Peace by Peas we produce fermented plant-based foods by using local, organic raw materials. We developed our own production methods by improving fermentation techniques from global traditions. Our products have enhanced nutrition, and benefit metabolism, digestive and immune systems. They are easy to use, very tasty, sustainable and healthy. We address professionals that seek differentiated products to serve modern consumer needs.

Healthy V Team

Healthy_V_Team is an enterprising start-up company. We use Healthy_V_App to provide specialized advice to our users in order to safely follow the desired consumption pattern. Furthermore, App users will be able to choose the producers they would like to buy their food, among a list of organic, PDO and PGA foodstuff farmers. We are relating society with the economy and production!!

Farm in the City

We are a fresh brand that responds to the growing consumer need for home produced foodstuffs. Join us and experience the satisfaction of producing, processing, packing & presenting a wide variety of DIY foods & drinks and so much more. We address modern urbanites who feel the need to reconnect with nature. We build on the concepts of Urban Agriculture, of grandmother knowledge, of tradition and on the grow-your-own & make-your-own market trends.

Photostick Analytics

What if one could transfer a laboratory’s analytical capabilities to the site of interest and obtain reliable answers within minutes through a simple “dip-‘n’-read” procedure? This is what the PHOTOSTICK ANALYTICS is all about! A high-tech spin-off company of NCSR “Demokritos”, PHOTOSTICK ANALYTICS exploited the patented knowledge and the century-long collective scientific experience of its founders in the field of optical sensors, and is currently developing a smart nanophotonic device for on-the-spot detection of adulteration and presence of harmful substances in Food. The PHOTOSTICK device combines the simplicity of a strip-test with the sensitivity of a bench-top system offering cost-efficient and expeditious Point-of-Need food screening at every step of the supply chain. Versatile and customizable, the PHOTOSTICK can satisfy the needs of the Food & Beverage Industry, the Regulatory Authorities or agrofood producers and retailers.

Urban Poultry Farming

URBAN POULTRY FARMING is a distance breeding Programme for poultry goods production by urban dwellers. The program aims to benefit participants of healthy poultry products by participating in their production without specialized knowledge of Internet, poultry breeding, equipment and livestock assets. Furthermore, the urban dwellers take the advantage of multifunctional benefits recognized in urban agriculture, such as:
Resurgence of social interaction, Food safety, Social cohesion in a neighborhood level, Support of the environmental sustainability and viability of agriculture.
Combining family knowledge with modern horticultural methods, innovated techniques and ideas, for our go to market product, we've used as a base a tree with global symbolism, the Greek Olive Tree, and we've created a unique Olive Plant attractively and fully Boxed.

Our wide range of plants & trees can be preserved and delivered safely, fast and with low cost, to all over the world directly from Greece.

With our technology and products, we aim to transform the retail plant sector, giving plants shelf life and opening new opportunities outside the traditional channels.


Chloe is a smart farming solution that lets you automate irrigation as well as monitor your plants and crops remotely. The platform aims to create an all-in-one solution where farmers can find all needed information for the management of their fields while simplifying the user experience. Based on artificial intelligence and a family of devices we optimize and automate irrigation, while our satellite imagery analysis notifies farmers of areas of the field that need attention due to diseases or fertilizer misuse.


On-site data collection is a permanent problem in the apicultural sector due to the beekeeper’s cumbersome uniform and gloves. Beenotes™ is a voice-guided Smart-Phone application integrated to a Web DataBase Analytics and Decision Support (DSS) Platform for beekeepers. It combines automatic data recording on-site and analysis and it can help the beekeeper become more effective and efficient.
Our solution aims to make an impact on the apicultural sector by targeting the owners of the vast majority of hives. Beenotes™ platform can be the vehicle for this change as it will equip these professionals with a simple tool for the automatic data collection on-site. These data will provide them valuable insights, to improve the effectiveness and the efficiency of production techniques and to safeguard bee health. These data collectively can be also used by larger organizations and policymakers to protect bee population, monitor honey quality and resolve current and future pollination problems.

Easy Compost

Compost and Hydroponics for dummies! No pain, Max gain!
Great for small homes, busy growers, natural food lovers.


Coffee, being the most popular drink in the world, has been addressed in recent years the research community mainly because of its beneficial properties, but also because of the huge amounts of waste generated by the manufacture. Each year it is estimated that discarded, especially landfills, about 6 million tons of coffee waste, price reinforces the need for direct management. The direct discharge of waste in

environment becomes destructive due to the high organic load and the presence of toxic compounds to plants, such as caffeine and tannin, and the burning thereof enhances atmospheric pollution. An alternative use of the coffee-products concerns the recovery of phenolic compounds contained therein. Phenolic substances are of high value-added compounds exhibiting antioxidant and antimicrobial activity. They protect the body from chronic degenerative diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer's disease and may be used in food, drugs and cosmetics.

Fruit Stories

Traditional Greek Products with a twist! Jams spoon sweets, syrups with no sugar and chutneys! Made entirely from fresh fruit grown in our own fields in the villages of Northern Greece based on 200 year old recipes, using traditional and environmental friendly methods throughout the entire process!

12 Gods

For the first time, 12 GODS offers Greek herbal blends in a convenient and fast way, through an easy-to-use, innovative Nespresso machine compatible Capsule. In reality, we are changing the way and -most importantly- the time needed to enjoy a healthy beverage.

Stevia Hellas

Stevia Hellas Coop is Europe’s leading large-scale stevia cultivator providing the world with top-quality & taste stevia products. We are a multi-award winning, innovative agricultural cooperative based in Central Greece. Stevia Hellas Coop was established in 2012 and now consists of a team of 48 cultivators, management and sales representatives and highly-trained agronomists. We all share the passion for sustainable agriculture and healthy nutrition providing it to the world through our stevia products. Our 100% European innovative products are available for retail, wholesales & the beverage/ food industry and consist of organic stevia leaves, crystal and pure stevia. We provide stable quality and taste as we fully understand the unique challenges that Food & Beverage industries face in establishing reliable raw materials solutions for their product formulations. We constantly develop a broad portfolio of credited partnerships with which we maintain a win-win relationship.


RobinFood is a real time app that helps its users search, locate and buy food that is close to its expiring date as well as prepared meals that are not consumed by the end of the day, on a discounted price ( up to 50%).
Based on their profile and preferences, our users win custom made rewards.
RobinFood contributes to:
- creating win-win scenarios for consumers and producers
- reducing the energy footprint of food production
- promoting environmentally friendly shops and producers in the framework of CSR

New Food Product

New food product development, production consultants in the food industry, design and improvement of products and production lines, design of integrated food production plants, applications of new technologies and machineries in food production, studies and applications do food packaging, innovation development and applications, market entry studies, market research and brand & branding development studies


Liofyllo is a start-up which aim is to process untapped olive leaves by creating an innovative, eco-friendly material and a wide variety of unique artworks, objects and creations in order to protect the environment as well as promote the Mediterranean culture and, especially, the Greek one.


The global production of whey reaches 120 million tons a year, of which only 55% are directed towards other processes (whey cheeses, whey protein, electricity etc.), the rest is a heavy pollutant. Oilway provides a solution to this problem by using whey or deproteinized whey as raw material for fermentation. The product of this process is an oil high in GLA and at the same time the waste water is no longer a pollutant. Oilway suggests an innovative treatment of waste, which surpasses the standard biological purification, as it produces valuable products which can be inserted into the food, cosmetics or food supplements’ markets, promoting a circular food system. A great advantage of this method is that it can be applied to different kinds of waste (such as waste water from olive oil production) producing similar products of high added value, depending on market needs.

Smart Meter Anywhere

We offer a smart metering for solution for electricity for the rural areas of the developing world which includes both the hardware and the software comprising of: 1. The smart meters 2. A software platform for the real time logging of operational data and the real time control for the connection/disconnection of loads from the grid 3. A software platform for data visualization 4. A software platform based on Blockchain/ Distributed Ledger, which allows the use of mobile money. The production cost achieved is very low and as such a pricing of up to 60% lower than competition is possible. Finally, our product is ready to allow demand side management applications in existing off-grid energy systems.


At fivetwenty we love handpicking unique greek products for you that improve your health & bring you closer to nature & old traditions. Experience the perfection of the hellenic fertile land and join us on a tasteful journey to places that are internationally renowned for their exceptional agricultural goods.


Open Farm Experience (Med Culture project) The openfarm community attempts to attract attention to farms and agricultural units scattered in various corners of Greece and who -besides producing exceptional quality agricultural products- also offer educational, hospitality and leisure services. The visitor of selects the criteria that is of interest to her (location, type of products, certifications and activities on the estate), checks which units satisfy her desires and organises her visit either in direct contact with the farm or with the help of


Oliveex applies IoT technologies in food storage and specifically in fermented foods, such as olives and cheese. Oliveex’s system ensures the best storage conditions with real time remote monitoring and daily suggestions for the actions that must be done for an optimal storage process. Using state-of-the art sensing devices we can guarantee the best product quality and minimize the profit losses due to spoilage.

Klēa Premium Goods

In the summer of 2018, two young men decided to turn their love and knowledge for olives and olive oil into a business venture. Their interest in the environment, the cultivation as well as the enterpreneurial spirit of Nicholas and Dimitris united them in the pursuit of the same dream. Although setting off from different starting points, their love for Greece, history, olives and olive oil united them in their quest to create ‘’ KLEA PREMIUM GOODS’’. This is the place where exclusive greek products meet modern design in complete harmony with the country’s kalesthesia and cultural heritage. Klēa’’ derives from the ancient greek word ‘’kleos’’ meaning glory, synonimous to our products’ quality. Our company premises and olive groves are located in Nea Tenedos in the Halkidiki peninsula. Our olive oil is produced by using exclusively the variety ‘’Chondrolia Halkidikis’’ olives which are collected by hand before becoming ripe. Our edible olives are produced by natural fermentation usin


Water quality is the most challenging problem for aquaculture professionals. Ensuring good quality water means farming high quality and healthier fish in an optimal way. Actually in Tunisia and in most African countries, aquaculture is a small scale business and fish farming monitoring is done in a traditional way : farmers need to be present on site to do frequent measures otherwise they can not be alerted in real time if abnormal pH, T, salinity... values are noticed. If prevention action are not taken in time, that will cause high risk of massive mortality otherwise the use of vaccination and medical treatment causing expensive costs and unhealthy farmed fish. In the other hand, food quantities and frequency can be optimized if good water quality is kept. SmartAqua is a hardware and software solution allows fish farmers to control and monitor water quality in real-time and remotely which can reduce costs up to 20 %, and increase production up to 50%.

Ingredio is a digital technology platform built in a unique mobile app with which users can take a picture of the ingredients of a cosmetics/food product with their phones, and are informed in seconds about the potential hazards of these ingredients. Our algorithm informs consumers for indications of irritation, mutagenesis, cancer, neurotoxicity, developmental or environmental toxicity reported in the literature, derived from the EU, WHO and NIH literature sources. exerting pressure on companies to use healthier ingredients in their products. Ingredio connects digital technology and big data with health, living and society and promotes wellbeing for citizens.

It's alive

Superfood is better when fresh. “It's alive” aims to produce and sell fresh, alive spirulina. Fresh spirulina retains all natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant potency levels, which are gradually diminished in dry form. It is easily digested and it retains exceptional organoleptic properties: taste, sight, smell and touch. The biggest spirulina producers in Greece are currently operating in manmade raceways, away from the demand. This geographical distance between production and demand makes drying a necessity. It's alive designs, constructs and runs their own smart photobioreactors, which operate indoors, valorising unused stores. Maximum quality and safety, without the use of preservatives, pesticides and drying. Our Strategy: to have the production take place as close to the demand as possible, within cities, thus reducing transportation footprint, while spirulina's photosynthesis captures other companies' CO2.


We focus on precision agriculture, adapting it to the requirements of Hellenic producers. We address the needs of crop inspection, early detection and treatment of plant diseases using drones, at speeds 8 times faster than existing solutions. We provide tecnology for selective fertilization and irrigation as well as selective harvesting, achieving significant cost savings on plant protection, cultivation and crop management. We apply state-of-the-art technologies to detect and treat diseases at the source of the epidemic before they are visible to the human eye, eliminating the need to spray with pesticide the complete cultivation, which has enormous cost to the producers and the environment. We work in along side with agricultural producers, providing important information and insights on the optimal approaches on crop management, disease control, irrigation, fertilization and harvesting. We do so by combining technologies such as ML, AI, IoT, robotics, micro-electronics and ICT.

Cleopatra's Sponges

At Cleopatra’s, we sustainably produce the Aegean Mollissima: a unique and extremely rare sponge, growing only in the Aegean Sea. Hypoallergenic and antibacterial. Designed by Mother Nature to be the perfect facial cleansing and gentle exfoliation tool. Ideal for sensitive skin. Our sponges are 100% natural and biodegradable. Treat yourself, while benefiting the marine ecosystem.

Fruit Stories

Traditional Greek Products with a twist! Jams spoon sweets, syrups with no sugar and chutneys! Made entirely from fresh fruit grown in our own fields in the villages of Northern Greece based on 200 year old recipes, using traditional and environmental friendly methods throughout the entire process!