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Startups in Creative Industry which will be part at Digital Greece 2019

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AddArt is a creative community focused on contributing and promoting culture. It was founded in February 2014 and is based in Thessaloniki.

EKOME (National Centre of Audiovisual Media and Communication)

The mission of EKOME is to support the Greek audiovisual sector through targeted actions summarized in three strategic categories: • INVEST: Support of direct investment, domestic entrepreneurship and employment in audiovisual production of Greece through the Cash Rebate 35%-Tax Relief 30% -Film Offices Network programs. • DIGITIZE: collection, preservation, documentation, development and productive use of the national audiovisual heritage. • EDUCATE: Digital literacy of the youth, professional training and promotion of scientific and academic research in Media Information Literacy/MIL.

eNVy softworks

eNVy softworks is an award-winning interactive media development studio based in Patras, Greece. Established in 2017, eNVy focuses on combining artistic expression and technical expertise into interactive experiences that aim to educate, entertain and promote. We always strive towards a state of continuous improvement by leveraging the potential that new technologies, like Virtual & Augmented Reality or Computer Vision, bring into our field. We seek to collaborate with equally passionate partners in order to take on creative, innovative projects and ultimately deliver memorable experiences to the world.


"We understand how difficult it is to find what you are searching for in a big city and the need to see furniture in real life before buying them. For shoppers, HouseID is a platform that individuals or professionals can easily discover the best available furniture and decor located throughout the city of Athens & Rome. With HouseID is easier than ever to discover high quality products for the house and get directions to find your favorite products/shops throughout the city.

For businesses, HouseID is a platform that shop owners/designers/artists can raise awareness among those living or visiting the city, enhance exposure and increase foot traffic to their shop.

HouseID is focused on providing shoppers easy access to furniture and decor at the city level and in creating a niche space for businesses to showcase their latest collection."

Keema Music Services

"Keema Music Services, established in Athens -Greece, is a new pioneer company which specializes in providing the music identity to every business.

Using the latest technology Keema offers the solution you need to create the desirable music environment within your professional workplace. We have developed the music software that gives the professionals the ease and freedom to manage their music in their own business space. Our playlists are selected by experienced music profilers and are categorized so that they facilitates even the most demanding needs. Our files are chosen according to the best listening quality and they are processed in order to play smoothly with no disruptions and at the same volume. Founded in late 2014 KMS is a successful and promising idea that day after day attracts more and more professionals by its side."


"Loceye is a biometric market research platform providing Eye Tracking and Emotion Recognition services.
Our provided data enables teams to design with confidence, optimise digital assets like website content, images, emails, ad creatives, videos, and more.
Helping businesses achieving the highest visual and emotional impact with their consumers is our number one goal."

Made in Athens

"Denial is a primitive defense mechanism that works unconsciously when you find yourself dealing with something unknown or better yet a means of coping with stressful problems. Consequently Made in Athens is not the first company to consume the consumption making possible for its customers to consume indefinitely.
Made in Athens does this by creating and producing commodities and services of Augmented Value, (100% Circular Economy)."


CityStage is the first online marketplace for event planning in Greece. The users can easily find venues and services for any occasion choosing from a large variety of options. It is the perfect place for event professionals (musicians, photographers, catering agencies, venue managers, event planners, etc.) to promote their services and maximize their profits.

Noema Games

Noema Games is an indie game development company based in Thessaloniki Greece and consists of 6 core members. It is currently developing its first game title: "Aurora: The lost medallion Episode I", a science-fiction/fantasy point and click adventure game, about an alien girl's quest to find her identity.

Nu Boyana Film Studios

Nu Boyana is one of the leading film studios in Europe. We deliver full service starting from your initial idea to adding the finishing touches in post production. We are a one-stop-shop for your project offering crews and equipment, sound stages, sets, water tank, motion capture stage, video and sound post production facilities. We have more than 150 VFX artists on the lot as well as an in-house production company which specialises in commercials, short films and music videos.


Design and fabrication of innovative customized products and prototypes using 3d printing and CNC technology.


## NO BIO ##

Bolt Virtual

"Bolt Virtual was established in Athens in 2016 with the aim of promoting the emerging technologies of immersive virtual reality and augmented reality. Services and products:
1. A VR & AR software development studio developing applications either for consumers (B2C) or for institutional and corporate clients (B2B). It has developed over 20 major VR applications, including games distributed through Steam, games based on exploration of cultural heritage and a large number of corporate VR promotion software
2. Introducing the Greek public to the technology of immersive, room-scale VR via the flagship initiative “The VR Project”, a VR showcase center.
3. Organising VR promotion and educational events with its mobile VR systems by fusing the services above and by adding value added services for private and corporate clients"


Ancient Greek Philosophers with Augmented Reality


Weddin is a platform, aiming to assist destination weddings in Greece. Weddin offers useful digital tools and solutions, to couples & vendors, regardless of geographic limits.


Vimodji organizes the world's best video clips by feeling and makes them universally accessible and easy to share

Rave Atlas

All things Rave Culture global map. For the electronic music industry members, who are looking to simplify & digify their business activity & trading procedures. An all-inclusive platform that saves its users valuable time, effort & expenses. Our company aims to cover the full spectrum of electronic music industry's activities, that brakes down to Artist’s booking SaaS, Advertisement, Ticketing services etc


SPACEPRK is the first universal online marketplace that connects both professional and nonprofessional owners to guests who seek spaces. Spaces of all shapes, styles, and sizes do well on Spaceprk – from empty storefronts and industrial lofts to living rooms and backyards. Our goal since launching in 2019 has been to make finding and booking short-term space an easy and transparent process experiences and meaningful events: Media/ Productions, Film/Video Shoots, Fashion Event/PhotoShooting, Party/Concert, Wedding, Workshop, Pop-up, Kids Party etc. We enable space owners to bring motion to their spaces and monetize them. The result? A hyper lively urban scene where people can create unique experiences for their guests, brand followers, employees or group of friends, having access to a diverse range of places that were never visible to them before. Rent out your space per day or per hour and turn your space into money ASAP! Earning extra income up to 1000€ per day, fast and easy!


Octappush is a feedback platform that helps game studios launch profitable games.