Startups in Energy Industry which will be part at Digital Greece 2019

Meet the Startups

EVOTROPIA Ecological Finance Architectures

EVOTROPIA Ecological Finance Architectures operates in the Research & Development of natural capital valuation methods, as well as financial instruments for the circular economy. These instruments can be utilized for the adaptation of the human economy to ecological cycles. At the current phase, EVOTROPIA is developing its first product; an original software for the creation of a digital stock market for real-time waste trading with high parameterization that will optimize industrial symbiosis infrastructures.


"The smart space thermostat CALORIC reduces the cost of heating our home by up to 60%, in a very simple and efficient way.
Highly rated by the European Innovation Council, it is globally original and developed in Greece by LIGHTHEAT.
Now, each of us has the opportunity to reduce the cost of heating our home and help reduce Greenhouse gas emissions, for cleaner air in our cities and Climate Change mitigation, at a low cost but far greater than other expensive renewable solutions."


"Fil-eco P.C. is a family business whose 30 years of experience in the field of Ecology and Environment is combined with scientific training. Responding to the demand of times, recycling, launched a new career path to provide its customers with comprehensive environmental management services. Its object is to study and supply equipment for the management of waste, mixed, organic and recyclable materials.
Fil-eco P.C. represents in Greece foreign construction companies of machinery and equipment for the management of solid and organic waste, equipment like : Sorting Units for Recyclable Materials, Sorting Units for Mixed Materials, Material Packaging, Waste transfer station, Management of household organic waste (compost bins, bins for sorting organic waste at source, biodegradable and paper bags), Mechanical composting and Drying technology, Pugedon – Recycling and Feeding stray animals machine.
Fil-eco P.C. follows the developments in the field of ecology and invests in every new prod"


"Meazon is a global innovator making energy management affordable & easy. Our pioneering technology has been recognized as the
only winner of US Department of Energy’s wireless submetering challenge. Meazon aims to catalyze the global smart buildings and smart cities markets by delivering efficiencies and transformative ways of working. Today we cooperate with large global energy players and looking to establish strategic partnerships to address international markets effectively."


Thruwind is a Greek startup company dedicated to the development of small-unit size Renewable Energy Sources products and, in particular, small wind. Thruwind aims to reform the way of harnessing wind energy increasing the power efficiency of small wind turbines and improving their aerodynamic features to offer further output, flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Thruwind Technologies aims to reduce its customers’ carbon footprint. Based on constant innovation, core principle of Thruwind is the provision of environmentally friendly energy solutions that benefit society.

Nanotechnology Lab LTFN

The Nanotechnology Lab LTFN is an internationally acknowledged specialist in Organic Electronics (OEs), Thin Films and Nanomaterials Technology (vacuum, printing), Nanomedicine, Nanometrology, Real-time/In-line precision Metrology, Automation and Digital Manufacturing. LTFN has established the Center of Organic & Printed Electronics - Hellas (COPE-H), for cutting-edge Research and Manufacturing of OE Devices for applications in Energy, Displays, Lighting, Electronics, Automotive, NanoBiomedicine, Smart Textiles and Wearables, IoT, Smart Food Packaging, Greenhouses, etc. It is a Digital Innovation Hub, offering open access to interested entities (Academia, Research, SMEs, Industries), while serving as an One-Stop-Shop for SMEs for technology transfer, proof-of-concept and incubation.


The A-BMS company (Active-Battery-Management-Systems) is engaged in the development and production of specialized Battery Management Systems for stationary batteries, used mainly for power backup in telecom installations. These systems apply an innovative maintenance charging method which improves remarkably the reliability and the operational costs of the batteries, and they automate completely all their technical and administrative management tasks. Our vision in the A-BMS company, is to develop high quality products providing efficient solutions to the serious battery problems, offering additionally significant economic, environmental and operational benefits and at affordable cost, allowing their extensive penetration to the huge telecom installation market.

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