Startups in HealthTech which will be part at Digital Greece 2019

Meet the Startups


"Are you looking for a mental health expert? Psychiatrist, Child Psychiatrist or Certified Psychologist? Do you have difficulty moving or finding the specialist you need near you? Do you want to avoid stigma and maintain your anonymity?
Melapus platform has been designed to meet even the most demanding need since it provides the opportunity to choose, communicate and book an appointment with certified mental health experts 24/7 easily, safely and anonymously."


MindMed delivers an innovative IoT health platform to inspire and enable the development of next generation connected health, and self-management interventions


RespiFit is a Digital Health company providing personalized, predictive, and protective solutions for healthy living with respiratory diseases. RespiFit is initially focusing on the management of asthma with the AsthmaFit system which is a completely unique approach to monitor the condition of asthma patients, their exposure and symptom histories, and to predict asthma attacks by providing actionable preventative and protective metrics.


"The Sports-i platform & application functions as a health/nutrition-performance data entry recording & calculation tool, but also communicates between sports scientists, managers and athletes.
The SPORTS-i is a complete CLOUD BASED data management system for athlete health, nutrition and performance data recording/testing, diagnostic & evaluation, medication guidelines, nutritional supplements & prescriptions using the Online Prescription (fully HDIKA certified), nutrition guidelines and performance evaluation, therapies and training.
It helps you keep an organized record of all your athlete data, which can range from simple demographics to medical history, diagnoses, medical prescriptions and athlete ratings, among others.
It offers the ability to dynamically search for information stored to make the most difficult searches possible. It offers unlimited possibilities
in the data with statistics and curves."


StArtBio is an innovative company in molecular diagnostic field, aiming to develop new allergy diagnostic methods, developing innovative products at the cutting edge of technology. To date, in Greece and in Balkans, there are no basic methods for both clinical challenge replacement and allergy full screening, as is the case with other genetically dependent diseases. The development of the basophil activation test - BAT as well as the use of the ISAC platform and nitrocellulose membranes where a large number of immobilized antigens are available for screening all potential allergens is of paramount importance for the rapid and effective diagnosis of allergic diseases with non-invasive way and with low portion of biological material.

Booking Clinic, one of the awarded companies by the Envolve Entrepreneurship Award GR 2018 of Libra Group, is a global platform that serves the patient who needs a treatment at a Clinic, offering reliable and transparent information on medical staff, services and total treatment cost. brings innovation and extroversion to the health ecosystem, offering new digital services to patients who save time, money and gain access to Clinics within their country or abroad. Clinics attract patients through a new path while they find a place οn the global medical tourism map. During the last years, the Greek health system has been enormously impacted, while a significant number of medical doctors has left the country. So, there is an urgent need for modernization, transparency, new digital services and exploitation of the opportunities offered by the online access to new markets.


Vidavo is a pioneering technology provider. The COMPANY is focused on technology advanced e / m health solutions. Its products have been used by over 500,000 patients and 500 clinics, in Greece and abroad.
Has significant experience for more than 15 years, providing health management solutions even remotely (health records, interactive nutrition & exercise plans, risk stratification tools etc). VIDAVO supports ICT smart ecosystems in health (primary, secondary, tertiary), tourism, care, rehabilitation, maritime, insurance market etc. Its main goal is to link research with the real market . VIDAVO is the perfect research partner for developing innovative projects.


doctoranytime has reinvented the health system of Greece by offering detailed career and personal information, patient reviews for 5000 doctors and 120 diagnostic centers in Greece and the opportunity to book an appointment for free, anytime! doctoranytime gives you access to verified patient reviews and recommendations, detailed professional profiles with practice information, interpersonal skills, career details, personal experience and field of expertise. You can also check the cost for any service as well as what is included. Book your appointment with more than 65 medical specialties with private or public health insurance or enjoy exclusive features and special prices!


MyHabeats the first behavioral vaccine app for people with obesity who undergo bariatric and metaboloc surgery. The digital friend is here to help patients adhere to physicians recommendations, and help them adopt healthy eating behaviors and lifestyle changes that last. It is funny and is in patients' hands, their smartphones.


Soulscan is an online tool, that sets new standards in the mental health field. An all-round platform, where you can find quality services, tailor made for you. Whether you are an individual, an expert seeking additional training or even a corporation that needs a complete mental health solution. Think of it as the TripAdvisor of mental health, incorporating all of today's essential features, like reliable user reviews, and with a little bit of magic... A unique innovative test, that lets you know which treatment would suit you most.


CureCancer has created a free tool for you to organize your medical records and keep your doctor up to date. With this tool your doctor will ensure the best, most efficient and safe treatment decisions for you.


eHOSP is an innovative platform for insurance companies involved in the health sector. Our mission is to empower all people with private health insurance, to control, retrieve and share their medical data with insurance companies from a unified, easy and secure online platform. We are raising a pre-seed round of funding for eHOSP to further develop our product and reach an MVP stage for providing an eco-friendly solution to the market. While we strive to create a healthcare and private insurance ecosystem, financing our venture and finalizing our MVP would unlock the potentials of this innovative idea and would offer great profit margins and also sustainability. A team of experts is formed and ready to disrupt the insurance industry with an InsurTech application, offering great solutions to real problems for insurance companies, insured patients and private medical providers.