Startups in Ιnformation & Communication Technology which will be part at Digital Greece 2019

Meet the Startups


"Code.Hub is the first Hub for Developers ins Greece. Our vision is to bridge the gap between the Academic Sector and the Business. Our clients are up to 80% of the IT sector in Greece.
Code.Hub have 4 pylons:
Code.Career - Recruitment Consulting Services for the IT Sector
Code.Learn - Upskilling and Reskilling training/Academies for cutting edge technologies.
Code.Event - Co-Organizers of the biggest community events for Developers.
Code.Community - Building the first Community for Developers in Greece.
Partners - Microsoft, Oracle, AWS, Scrum Alliance, VoxxedDays, ReGeneration"


MyJobNow is a mobile-first blue-collar hiring marketplace. Within the app Employers can post jobs and attract relevant candidates.


Bespot is a mobile application for consumers to discover and win rewards at the Spots they already visit. Each time users visit a Spot and open the application, or give their feedback to brands, they win instantly a unique digital reward and points ready to be converted into giftcards.


In AccessLab we are developing a wheelchair navigator (https://gosafe.accesslab.gr/). The user is able to find an accessible route through ramps, sidewalks and crossings and to report an obstacle, such as parking violation.


Owiwi is a fun and engaging psychometric tool that accurately measures candidate soft skills. Think of a combination of advanced scientific methodology packed within an immersive game that millennials enjoy taking part in. We take away the stress in the hiring process for the candidate while minimising / eliminating the recruiter risk of hiring the wrong candidate.


"With Eventora it’s easy to organise events, awards and B2B meetings. Our platform provides all the tools to manage events and engage attendees.
Learn more and try it free at www.eventora.com"

Linked Business

Linked Business provides the most complete B2B sales leads platform for the Greek market (721,000 active companies) based on AI and Big data technologies. Linked Business products contribute also to Know Your Client (KYC) reporting starting from client onboarding to the assessment of systemic risks based on detailed business networks and associated persons. The legal entity profile service and due diligence reports help financial institutions to address KYC regulatory requirements.


"Your customer is the best advertise" Get advertised with every sale, from your customers to Social Media!

Nable Solutions

"Nable Solutions is an awarded startup focus on providing software solutions with a social cause. We are a passionate and dynamic team who want to change the way people work and live, solving challenging problems that matter with innovative approaches.
We have created the “Assistant”, a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution designed to change the way people with reduced mobility or disabilities experience the world.
The “Assistant” connects people with reduced mobility or disabilities with organizations/companies empowering independence and accessibility while helps organizations/companies to understand their accessibility needs offering enhanced customer care and optimize service staff, creating an excellent experience.
With the “Assistant” we want to provide comprehensive assistance on the go, that will improve the daily life of disabled, helping them to fully engage with the society and help organizations/companies offer exemplary customer service to their disabled customers."


"Professionals are able to pre-screen applicants through customised video pitches before an actual interview. It eliminates costs, time and distances!

OVIVIEW -which stands for “Online Video Interview”- is a truly innovative platform that delivers both convenience and effectiveness into the recruiting routine that makes hiring simpler, convenient and more efficient. OVIVIEW offers the chance for easy and quick initial screening of candidates using cameras to record each interview while avoiding the need for simultaneous participation and making the whole interviewing process objective and more effective."


Η Farextra είναι μια spin-off εταιρεία του ΕΚΕΤΑ/ΙΠΤΗΛ που στοχεύει στον τομέα των Τεχνολογιών Πληροφορικής (IT). Ειδικότερα, η Farextra εξειδικεύεται στην παροχή ολοκληρωμένων λύσεων λογισμικού, καθώς και σε συμβουλευτικές υπηρεσίες στους τομείς της Εκπαίδευσης στην Εργασία, της επείγουσας αντίδρασης έκτακτης ανάγκης σε πραγματικό χρόνο και της Επαυξημένης Βοήθειας, του Εντοπισμού, Ανίχνευσης & Αναγνώρισης 3D Αντικειμένων σε πραγματικό χρόνο και την παρουσίαση πληροφοριών στο χώρο σε εφαρμογές Augmented και Virtual Reality.

Rhoé Urban Technologies

Rhoé is a startup founded by students from the civil engineering department of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. We are dedicated to making smart city solutions affordable to the mass city market. In pursuit of this, the company develops products that enable cities to make the most of the data they have at hand, improve their every interaction with citizens and cut down on bureaucracy. Additionally, Rhoé provides consulting services to private and public organizations on matters of technology-enabled administration and mobility.


Wifins operates as an IT and digital marketing company. The Wifins platform has been successfully used in commercial, sports & educational venues and has served +8m mobile consumer devices that have requested a total of +23m wireless internet connections within the period 2014-2018. Specifically, the Wifins service provides the visitor of any site with a functional & secure Internet connection via local Wi-Fi after the visitor first receives content of choice on his mobile device. At the same time, it is possible to display any brand at the venue that it wishes to be promoted in order to ensure a fully targeted display and to achieve the maximum possible result.

Excellentia International

"Excellentia International is a company where professionals and academics of high expertise work on consulting projects in Greece and abroad.
Fields of Expertise for companies: applied statistics, data security, corporate reengineering.
Fields of Expertise for individuals : psychometric tests, career management, coaching for athletes."


"Wellness, they say, is a journey. Unlike health, which is the state of being free from illness, wellness is more abstract.
It’s a process, a pursuit, and, increasingly, an ideal.
Fithabits aspires to help people live healthier, better and longer lives, serving as the platform of tools and services on wellness, healthcare and insurance."

fromScratch Studio

We are a digital UX and Product Design agency, loving building your great ideas into beautiful user experiences and awesome products. We cover all fields of a product lifecycle, from the ideation to the launch, next to you in every step of this challenging path.

Pirate Scale

"We are passionate about technology, algorithms, Social Media.
We are a team of engineers and communication experts from Greece & USA, with the necessary know-how that allows us to find what works today in online sales.
But above all, we are passionate about dreams! In order to make yours an online reality, we promise 100% personalized services and products for the needs of every company."


Doggo is the 1st social tool for dog owners full of interesting informations and... wagging tails! From September, Doggo will also migrate to your screens as the 1st social platform for dogs in a brand new www.doggo.gr. The favorite daily habit of all dog people!

Do it for me

www.doitforme.eu is a social network of professionals in the service industry. The professional easily creates an account, completes his profile and CV, promotes his work and publishes service posts. This way anyone who needs a service can browse, compare and communicate with professionals.


Embiots creates IoT systems that monitor the position and the use of construction equipment, including tools and heavy machinery.


Geomiso develops, markets and supports 3D design and engineering simulation software used to both design products and predict how these product designs will behave in real-world environments without having to build test products or conduct crash tests. Geomiso software is the world’s first «two-in-one» fully integrated 3D design and isogeometric analysis software, which merges computer-aided design with computer-aided engineering into a single procedure, thus allowing engineers to simultaneously design and test their products. Compared with the competition, Geomiso is the world’s first commercial software based on the recently developed isogeometric analysis, filling the existing gap in the international CAD/CAE market for software with dual nature. Geomiso empowers engineers to go further and faster, as they optimize their product's durability and performance and deliver fast more accurate results with no geometric errors, thereby creating high added value for their products.

Home Inspection

"Home Inspection is a non-destructive examination and evaluation of the condition of a real estate property and all of its systems, through the assistance of specialized and cutting edge equipment.
It is an innovative service carried out by experienced, specialized and certified staff and aims to provide the client with valuable information on the property they are interested in buying."


Founderhood is the platform that organizes pre-acceleration programs with the aim of creating a supportive environment for startups all over the world and provides them with the right tools in order to accelerate their growth, find new partners and increase the number of their customers. Since the programs are 100% online, for the first time in Greece, they give the opportunity to startup teams to interact, through a well-structured process, with experts and mentors all over the world, no matter where they are based.


## NO BIO ##


Software as a Service application that will allow real-time information solutions capable for adjusting the operational performance of airport ecosystem stakeholders according to actual, targeted and emerging needs, and be able to deliver personalized services for passengers and air freight customers.


SoccerHub disrupts sports playing experience. Via our app, we provide our users with a better fields’ reservation system, team forming and management tools, and an opponents’ finding algorithm. Also, we build customized sports events & tournaments for businesses that care about their employees well-being & teamwork effect. Download our app and join the future of sports!


SciFY offers Artificial Intelligence solutions and cutting edge IT for profitable business innovation. SciFY has partnered with large companies and helped startups get funding, guiding them step-by-step on how to develop new digital services with the power of Artificial Intelligence, Serious Games and Information Technology. It leverages state-of-the-art research results in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Natural Language Analysis and transforms them into value-added services and products, helping companies innovate. At the same time, it is developing for its partners Serious Games in areas such as education, consulting, Corporate Social Responsibility, etc., helping them to develop effectively.


Enchatted offers a comprehensive testing solution for conversational AI, such as chatbots and voice apps, helping companies craft awesome conversational user experiences. Although conversational interfaces are considered the future of human-computer interaction, most of them are buggy and lead to a poor UX. Enchatted actionable reports highlight all the major points that can make or break your bot.


Parity is developing a digital platform that connects investors with vetted Renewable Energy Projects. The platform is offered as a turn-key software solution to multiple regulated financial services providers (Banks, Wealth Managers). These providers use the software solution to enable their clients to finance Renewable Energy projects. Clients that fund the projects, also participate in projects’ profits. Parity received financial support from Climate-KIC of European Institute of Technology (EIT) and participates in befinnovative , a program of National Bank of Greece.


Nous4Health (NOvel and Unique Digital Solutions for Health) exploits advanced technologies to promote health and improve quality of life through products and services able to be personalized and adapted to the specific end-user’s preferences and requirements. DRAGAMIS constitutes the company's first venture and is a serious game which, besides entertainment, aims at: (i) training children and adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus towards self-management of their disease, (ii) raising public awareness regarding Diabetes Mellitus, and (iii) promoting healthy lifestyle focusing on diet and physical activity. DRAGAMIS is an interactive storytelling, in which the user experiences a unique story based on his/her interactions with the story world.


CollegeLink is an Entry Level Job Board. During the last 4 years, CollegeLink has helped more than 30,000 candidate to kickstart their career and more than 1,400 companies to hire their next generation talents according to their needs. Using theis "Hands Free Recruitment" service, CollegeLink has managed to decrease time to hire for entry level jobs up to the ~1/3 of the total time with amazing results for both companies and candidates.


Vouliwatch is a civic tech parliamentary monitoring organisation that engages Greek citizens with legislative politics and grants them with the opportunity to communicate, evaluate and hold elected representatives in the Greek and the European Parliament (MPs & MEPs) accountable.

The S Tax

The S-Tax project is helping government and city authorities worldwide tackle the short-term rental tax evasion problem, by creating data models that estimate with high precision the yearly income of a short-term rental listing and cross-check with an owner's reported income.

Freights IKE

Freights is an Exchange Platform for carriers and Freight Forwarders, a useful program for every professional businessman for National and International road transport.


PeopleNet We develop highly qualified certified professionals in customer service and sales at lower costs. We transform training programs for newcomers into digitalized certification programs that are selected as a profession by students, and the graduates are hired by companies based on a pre-arranged number of agents needed.


Eliminatore is developing a new method οf cleaning the aquaculture nets. Specifically, prevent the biofuling over the nets. In order to achieve it, the company cover the whole surface of the net with a membrane. The membrane is delivered over the net by ROVs. As a result, after the inbucation period of sea elements that cause the biofuling, the membrane this time is removed by the ROVs and the actual net remain clear.


Stoferno.gr is a delivery on-demand platform that allows users to order cross-category products from local stores by utilizing a crowd sourced rider network.

panicc softworks

Free your thinking, work with passion, develop innovation.


Blockachain, is a full-service software development company, that applies modern design principles, along with the latest blockchain, cloud, mobile and desktop technologies. It is joint venture of Athens Technology Center (ATC) and VIDAVO, two very successful companies in ICT and telemedicine sectors respectively. Blockachain Company focuses on: Custom Software Development (Data Analytics, Enterprise Process Automation, Software, data & content cloud migration, Web & Mobile apps, Workflow Management, Natural Language Processing Blockchain Technologies (Distributer Ledger Technology (DLT) solutions, Smart Contracts Medical Solutions (e2e solution, IoT, Data analysis, mobile and web apps)


DataScouting is a service provider and software developer, specialized in developing innovative solutions for managing and delivering of print, broadcast, online and social media. Using technologies such as Automatic Speech Recognition, Natural Language Processing, Logo Detection and Data Mining, DataScouting provides intelligent solutions for news insight, monitor advertisements, identify logos. Our MediaScouting platforms are a complete solution for archiving, multi-form delivery, reporting, alerting availablle from a web-based dashboard for easy access anywhere, anytime.

f society

f society I.K.E. was founded in 2018. It provides high quality services in the field of security consulting, business intelligence and data management. In Greece it has provided services in both the public sector as well as in the private sector. Abroad it has provided consulting services to companies located in Saudi Arabia, Cyprus, the United Kingdom, Germany and others. The company holds 2 ISO certificates; ISO / IEC 9001: 2015 Quality Assurance certificates and ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 Information Security Management System. The company was formally invited by Malta's European Presidency to the informal Competitiveness Ministers meeting, as one of the European Union's best startups in data management. The company has won two 2 national innovation competitions.


HireFlows is an HR selection software aiming to find the right person for every job position more accurately and easily. Integrating intelligent matching algorithms and smart profiling, we go beyond the CV by promoting the 360 candidate evaluation.


the modern way to buy a drink for a friend from distance


Wifins operates as an IT and digital marketing company. The Wifins platform has been successfully used in commercial, sports & educational venues and has served +8m mobile consumer devices that have requested a total of +23m wireless internet connections within the period 2014-2018. Specifically, the Wifins service provides the visitor of any site with a functional & secure Internet connection via local Wi-Fi after the visitor first receives content of choice on his mobile device. At the same time, it is possible to display any brand at the venue that it wishes to be promoted in order to ensure a fully targeted display and to achieve the maximum possible result.


Nanometrisis is a spinoff company of NCSR Demokritos which develops state of the art nanometrology software for analyzing microscopy images. Nanotechnology products can be found all around us, for example in cosmetics, computer chips and even in razor blades. The shape and morphology of nanostructures, found in nanoproducts, determine their physical properties and affect the performance the final product. Therefore industries and research centers must be able to measure and characterize nanostructures with accuracy and completeness in order to produce better and safer nanoproducts. In Nanometrisis we convert microscopy images to valuable quantitative insights.


up2metric is an SME that develops innovative B2B software solutions to make your cameras see and understand. One of the company’s main goals is to transfer state of the art knowledge from the academic fields of Computer Vision, Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Metrology to the market. up2metric eploits key enabling technologies such as 3D computer vision, image processing, deep learning, and AR to built solutions in commercial and research projects on Precision Agriculture, Infrastructure Inspection, Industrial Automation, Ship Inspection, Cultural Heritage Recording, and GIS. We have developed novel algorithms that are part of our core in-house software and we adapt these to fit clients specific needs. We assist our partners from the first step in the AI world to solve their needs, design their product, gather the necessary image data, develop the applications and deploy it to dedicated h/w, portable devices, or mobile phones based on their production needs. up2metric is part of Att

Smartup IKE

Smartup is a Mobile Application Development Agency, founded in Thessaloniki by people passionate about technology. She has extensive experience in mobile apps, doing significant presence in the market with: Delivery Applications for Wholesale & Retail, Digital Catalogs and Custom Applications that make every Smart idea a reality!


Indima.gr is the first fully online accounting firm in Greece. Indima.gr consists of a group of highly qualified specialists. We provide expert guidance in person or online and upfront pricing with no surprise hidden fees. Do your taxes how, when and wherever you want!!


"We sync thousand businesses loyalty systems with the RoadCube platform so that you can easily get many different points in a single mobile app. This is the end of all loyalty cards and different loyalty apps that make your life complicated

We put the consumer in the center and we collected all the loyalty systems around him. Just download the app and start purchasing goods."


SBOING, an innovative high-tech SME in the field of Information and Communication Technologies, is active in the field of GNSS navigation and logistics, bringing together a community of users who contribute traffic and road data through crowdsourcing.

Shift Automated!

Assign Automatically Employees to Shifts


We focus in sales force, merchandising and field service automation and since 2004 we deliver complete end-to-end mobility solutions that meet the needs of any sales or service organization.

Infoscope Hellas

Infoscope Hellas was established in 2012 in Thessaloniki by a group of young Electrical and Computer Engineers, inspired by their passion for innovation and creating products of high value for their clients. Infoscope Hellas specializes in telemetry applications which offer our clients a detailed observation of all production units and ensure their proper operation. The main features are: Data collection of crucial information about the equipment Remote monitoring through our Web Portal Notifications in case of irregular behavior Remote control of several operating parameters of the equipment Our clients include production, food/beverage processing and trade enterprises, supermarkets, hotels, hospitals, pharmaceutical stores, and public buildings.

Unique Mouse

Κey by UNIQUEmouse, is an innovative new controller for TV, and brings the simplicity and power of the mouse and keyboard to TV. TV is the largest screen in the house. It also has the best picture and sound quality. So, it would be good to have a computer connected to it. But while the keyboard and the mouse are the best way to handle the computer, unfortunately it is not practical and functional on the couch or on the bed. Also, the consoles now available for the TV (such as touch pad consoles or air mouse) do not have the power of the regular keyboard and the regular mouse. With the key now you can: A) Surf on the TV with exactly the same power you have on your PC. B) Handle all PC applications on the TV. C) Play games on TV such as strategy, point and click etc., which are impossible to play with another console (e.g. with a gamepad).