Smart Cities

Startups in Smart Cities which will be part at Digital Greece 2019

Meet the Startups

Pragma IoT

Pragma-IoT is a spin-off company of CERTH/ITI active in the field of Internet of Things (IoT). It specializes in providing software and hardware solutions in all smart cities’ domains, such as energy, gas, water, lighting, agriculture, parking, health, environment and waste management.
It leverages the power of IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Analytics to create engagement and business value for its customers.

Future Intelligence

Future Intelligence Ltd (FINT) is an RnD intensive SME that offers innovative Telecom Engineering solutions for the Future Internet era. FINT is the leading Greek manufacturer and provider of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for Smart Cities and Smart Agriculture and the most experienced one. FINoT is in the market since 2015 and it is a modern software and hardware platform that networks “things” (such as sensors and actuators) on the Internet and enables advanced data representations and insights for the system operators and business units. Last, FINT can hold a key role regarding industries, SMEs and public organisations’ digital transformation process since it keeps pace with the most modern technologies and operational approaches exploited in EU and globally.

HAM Systems

HAM Systems designs and develops truly innovative and useful consumer electronics and software. The company specializes in Internet-of-Things and Remote Monitoring. With an easy to use, interconnected platform that consists of both software (website/app) and hardware (devices), the user can be informed and take action for any electrical device, wherever he or she may be. HAM devices are unobtrusive and don't disrupt your environment. HAM software is simple to use and elegant, while fully featured, being able to meet all of the users' needs.


IoTech is the first licensed telecommunications provider specializing in low-energy networks for the Internet of Things. Enabling the digital transformation of cities and infrastructures


PARKGURU is a parking technology provider that enables you to find and book a parking spot via your mobile phone and pay through Blockchain and cryptocurrencies.


The first platform for complete digital management of a beach.

With Solve, you can find information about beaches, book and pay for your sunbeds and order food and beverage, at the beach, without a delay.

As a business owner, you can manage your bookings digitally, have an open communication channel with customers, and track indicators that will help you improve your service and turnover.


The proposed solution (SMARTBOX4U) is a wearable electronic gadget to monitor and forecast air quality, intended for vulnerable population groups as a means of preventing potential asthma attacks and effects on human health. It alerts the users in real-time when ambient air quality drops below standard levels, and provides updated contamination information for user-defined areas of interest in advance, thus enabling the users to plan their outdoor activities by avoiding exposure to poor air quality.


Elektronio is a mobility solution s startup company from Thessaloniki which makes revolutionary personal transportation based on electric bicycles. With the motto "reimagine your vehicle", Elektronio introduces breakthrough e-bike proposals for different applications in urban environments, from novel electric tilting tricycles as an alternative mean of transport even for people who cannot ride a conventional bicycle for health issues to cargo electric bicycles for green delivery services & electric kick scooters with focus on rider's safety for smart compact commuting.

Parking Stream

Parkingstream is a startup preparing the street parking enforcement of the future where all tedious and inefficient manual work of today will become fully automated. Our patent pending solution registers the time each vehicle spends in a street by means of ALPR Cameras controlling the corners of a city center. The calculated parking time can either be fed to our automatic seamless payment system or to our automatic enforcement system where it gets correlation with any other related electronic payment data. Like that parkingstream can deliver the promise of revenue increase and cost reduction.


Recytrust aims to tackle the environmental problem created by the fast- accumulating trash generated from the commercial and retail sector, with an end-to-end waste management solution. In doing so, Recytrust have developed the first-of-its-kind Smart Scale that enables sorting, boosts employees' engagement and provides real time data about employees’ overall recycling performance in any office facility. The product incorporates a customized technology of Smart Scales connected to the cloud and ID Access Control technology. In this manner, Recytrust assists companies in managing their recycling waste effectively, and at the same time generate revenue for businesses by enabling a certified network of collectors to pick up the generated waste volumes and pay for the collected amounts.